Audrey Bagwell

Played by:

Gina Sylvester



Audrey Bagwell is the mother of T-Bag. T-Bag killed 7 people to see her. While in a retirement home, she was raped and robbed by Wayne Garrett and Rodney Johnson. Due to her advanced age and health problems, she is unconscious most of the time, and was unable to resist when she was assaulted. During her rape, she was able to see who attacked her and tell another nurse at the retirement what happened. However, before charges where able to be pressed, she fell into a coma.

When T-bag heard about what happened to his mother, he broke out of jail to find and kill the two men. He is captured in front of the room in the hospital his mother is being kept in. Ray and Charlie allow him to say goodbye to his mother since she "was the victim" in this, and had done nothing wrong.



  • Audrey is the only Prison Break character besides T-Bag to appear in both Prison Break and Breakout Kings.
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