August Tillman
Augest Tillman

Played by

Jason Cerebone


Grand Theft Auto



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Incarcerated in:

Fishkill Correctional Facility

August Tillman is a convict and fugitive on Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Convicted of murder, Tillman killed a biker in a bar who insulted his wife. Tillman then escaped county prison while awaiting trial. He was caught by Ray Zancanelli three weeks later, but he had already killed a deli cashier and a woman whose car he had carjacked.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Tillman escapes using his prison job as a licence plate maker to collect metal scraps and fashion them into a makeshift undercarriage of a vehicle, and spends time in his cell testing himself to see how long he can hold on to the underside of his bed. While prison guards chat with the staff of a food service truck, Tillman hitches a ride on its underside, and uses the homemade undercarriage to evade the mirrors officers use to check under the vehicles. Miles outside of the prison walls, Tillman crawls out from under the truck, kills the driver, and injures the female passenger (who later turns out to be a co -conspirator), and is free to create havoc.


Crime SpreeEdit

After his escape, Tillman murders James "Jimbo" Cantrell by nailing him to a chair because Jimbo cut him out of a bank heist, and kidnaps the daughter of another man he feels has wronged him, then wires her with a bomb. He tries to activate the bomb, but is stopped by Duchamp and Zancanelli.




  • Tillman is the very first character to appear on-screen in the series.
  • Tillman is the very first antagonist to have the opening scene (to hatch a plan and escape prison) in the series. All of the other antagonists will follow the same routine.
  • Tillman's picture as a convict never appears on, the offical website. Tillman is the only character to do so.
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