Bennett Ballester

Played by:

Robin Wilcock




Murder x 1



Incarcerated in:

Sunnybrook Psychiatric Detention Center

Cause of death:

Shot by Charlie DuChamp

Bennett Ballester was a fictional convict and fugitive in the Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Bennett was serving a 10-year sentence for kidnapping and killing a newscaster with whom he was obsessed. Her body was never located, but her DNA was found under his fingernails. When it was determined that he was insane, he was sent to the Sunnybrook Psychiatric Detention Center.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

On a field trip to Chivalry Castle, Bennett smuggles a lock pick into a stuffed animal he insists on bringing with them, and uses it to open the medieval weapons room. He steals a sword and uses it to kill an orderly, then steals his wallet & clothing and runs. It is discovered that he hasn't been taking his medication for a long time.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once he's out, he kidnaps kids' tv host Debbie Myers from her home, and drags her deep into the Adirondacks to marry her in a bizarre ceremony, with the intention of raping and killing her. On the way, he kills a park ranger who hears Debbie screaming and realizes she has been kidnapped.

When Debbie escapes, he replaces her with Erica and holds her captive, intending to kill her with a machete. But before he can he is shot and killed by Charlie DuChamp.


Bennett remained silent for most of Off the Beaten Path, only speaking at certain times during the episode, and only speaking in short sentences when he actually did speak (because of his mental state).