Breakout Kings


Ray Zancanelli

The Breakout Kings is a team consisting of two U.S Marshalls (Ray Zancanelli and Charlie Duchamp), three elusive convicts (Shea Daniels, Erica Reed and Lloyd Lowery), and a civilian acting as an analyst (Julianne Simms). The Breakout Kings were formed after convict August Tillman's escape from prison and later crime spree.


The FormationEdit

Following the escape of convict and fugitive August Tillman, U.S Marshalls Ray Zancanelli and Charlie Duchamp were brought to the U.S Marshall Headquarters and shown Images of Tillman's victims. Soon after they were informed that Zancanellis unorthodox proposal to use cons to catch cons was accepted. Ray and Charlie then gatherd a team consisting of the four most elusive fugitives they had ever captured, being, Shea
Breakout Kings

Sheas Suggestion on naming the team the Breakout Kings

Daniels, Philomena Rotchliffer, Fritz Gunderson, and Lloyd Lowery. They also had a civilian addition to their team, Julianne Simms (acting as the teams analyst). They had then gathered and formed the Breakout Kings. Although Gunderson and Philly were eventually sent back to their respective prisons, with their sentences doubled, for attempting to escape. Erica Reed was later brought in as a replacement for both of them as a hunter and female member.

The Breakout KingsEdit

For detailed accounts of the Breakout Kings adventures, please visit the episode list and choose a specific episode.

Though the team had formed, threats continued to face both the marshals and the cons. At each turn the team faced greater and greater challenges, however they're combined strength continued to prevail. Combining their strenght, however, was no easy task, trusting each other proved to be difficult. Despite their differences they slowly learn to trust each other.


Founder Members
U.S Marshalls Analysts Convicts


  • Shea gave the name to the group.
  • Erica Reed, Ray and Charlie DuChamp are the only killers in the group, though Lloyd Lowery's actions in trying to repay his gambling debts did lead to the death of a young girl.
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