Brent Howson

Played by:

Nate Mooney


3 counts of murder in the first degree



Hair Color



200 lbs



Incarcerated in:

Ramapo Prison

Brent Howson is a convict a new criminal appearing in the episode, An Unjust Death.

Character HistoryEdit

Brent was in for aiding in the killing three coeds along with his partner Damien Fontleroy over three month cooling periods.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Brent spent ten years in prison for killing those coeds while his partner was sent to a different prison. While in those ten years he slowly faked a religious conversion that had everyone fooled. By faking a religious conversion, he gains the trust of the prison chaplain, earning himself a measure of freedom assisting with mass. Timing his escape with an accomplice on the outside, he waits for his chance, smashes the poor priest over the head with a ceremonial chalice, then races out the window and into the waiting getaway vehicle.

Crime SpreeEdit

They all met at the house and Damien kills Marge and puts her in the tub. After killing her they leave and Damien places a call to Lowery to taunt him. They then procure their next victim and try to go back to their old methods of killing. The Marshals are able track down her GPS and Charlie ends up killing Brent after he drops the victim while trying to escape.

Known VictimsEdit

The following are mutual victims shared by him and Damien while Damien actually kills them

The following are killed solely by Brent

  • Father McDougal


Notes and referencesEdit

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