Carmen Vega

Played By:

Lauren Velez




Organized Crime

Possesion of Cocaine



Incarcerated in:

ADX Florence

Carmen Vega is a fictional convict and fugitive in the Breakout Kings. She is a psychopathic murderer and manipulator, who shows no apparent remorse or consideration for her victims.

Character HistoryEdit

Carmen was in for 20 years for possession of cocaine. She claimed that is was her husband's business, but the reality was that she was running the entire operation herself.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Carmen arranged to have her oldest son killed, counting on being allowed to attend the funeral. Once there, she convinced a prison guard to unlock one of her handcuffs so she could touch her dead son's hand, then reached into the casket to find a hidden gun. She used it to shoot two prison guards point blank while her henchmen killed off three more officers. She threatened all the witnesses not to say a word or she'd kill their families, and fled.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once out, Carmen shot gang leader Flow-Flow at a strip club, while her men shot the remaining gang members. She killed her second son's father with a knife to keep him from influencing their son Cesar to get out of the drug dealing business, and ordered the death of a man who sold her protective masks she would need for her escape by ship to Colombia.

Carmen also arranged for the kidnapping of Shea's girlfriend Vanessa in order to keep Shea from helping the Marshals. She blackmailed Senior Director Colburn of the U.S. Marshals to tip her off to the Marshals' movements and plans, arranging for the killings of "The Mayor" and the two Marshals who were accompanying him. She was eventually recaptured when she was trying to flee from the country to Columbia. She was then Jailed in ADX Florence which is known for housing the "worst of the worst".



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