Christian Beaumont

Played By

Zack Ward







Incarcerated in:

Fairton Federal Correctional Institution

Christian Beaumont is a convict and fugitive who is portrayed by Zack Ward.

Character HistoryEdit

Christian was convicted and serving a sentence for having a stand-off with federal agents after the government seized his family farm in order to build a highway. During the course of the standoff Beaumont killed one federal agent and wounded three others.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Using a blue rope doused with hair product, a light bulb and a bag of flour procured from the mess hall, Beaumont was able to fashion a bomb. While at his courthouse hearing for parole Beaumont demands to use the restroom, and once inside he takes his flour-filled light bulb and gums the hair product infused rope to it as a wick. He ignites this makeshift bomb using a match that is stored in the sole of his shoe. The bomb explodes, killing a bailiff. Beaumont takes the bailiff's gun, shoots an officer, and dashes off to freedom.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once on the outside, he sets off a bomb in a post office in broad daylight, killing the staff and customers inside. He also sends a lethal package to Charlie DuChamp's house, which results in wounding Charlie's wife Marisol. He then sets a bomb in place to blow up a federal building, knowing the force of the explosion will take out the entire block. He is found out and stopped before his bomb can go off.


In the show, Christian is shown to be a very patriotic man with a 'Vive La Revolution' approach. He is also portrayed as a very calculating and intelligent man who shows little to no remorse for the victims of his patriotic bombings.


  • Christian Beaumont is the only character who sentence isn't told on-screen.
  • Christian is the second character with an unknown killcount. The first one is T-Bag.
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