Joseph "Joe" Ramsey

Played By

Derek Philips






Molestation (later proven innocent)

Joe Ramsey is a convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Convicted child sex offender Joseph Ramsey is a former counselor at an elementary school in suburban Massachusetts. He is given a 60 year sentence for molesting five victims, all eight-year-old girls.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Using a wire hanger and a pencil eraser painted black with a marker, Joe Ramsey designs the first piece of his escape plan. Taking advantage of the controlled chaos caused by a documentary crew filming on location Joe steals a "Prison Life" crew jacket and a baseball cap to blend in with the film crew. He fashions his wire hanger / eraser contraption into a headset for effect, and acting as a PA grabs an apple box, feigns a conversation on his "headset" and walks right out of the jail into freedom.

Crime SpreeEdit

While being pursued by the Breakout Kings, Joe steals a car and approaches the first victim who reported on him, but never hurts anyone. He is later recaptured while trying to escape with his family and is later found innocent when it is shown that it was really the first victim's father and all of the other victims were just indirectly told that they were molested.



  • It is worth noting that he is the first convict to be proven innocent of the crime he was originally incarcerated for.

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