Julianne Simms
Brooke Nevin 3
Portrayer Brooke Nevin
Occupation Technical wizard
First appeared Pilot

Julianne Simms is a member of the group the Breakout Kings. She is a civilian who acts as the technical wizard for the team.


A fast-tracker with the Marshals, Julianne ranked first in her class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco before her social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression and other ailments derailed her career. She retreated to the basement apartment of her mother’s home where she worked as a telemarketer, never truly having to interact with others. Ray hires Jules to work with the Breakout Kings, which she sees as her last shot to reclaim a normal, productive life doing what she was meant to do – catch the bad guys.

As a child, her cousin was kidnapped by a known child molester when the pair was walking home from school. Her cousin's body was never found, although the man was caught and received jail time. Thanks to Lloyd's advice, she writes a letter to the parole board when he is considered for parole, and because of this his parole is denied.

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