Lilah Tompkins

Played by:

Christina Cole







Incarcerated in:

Bixell Correctional Facility



Lilah Tompkins is a fictional convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Lilah was convicted and serving a 25 year mandatory minimum sentence for stabbing her second husband 48 times. Tompkins' first husband died in a house fire which she was suspected of starting, but nothing was ever proven.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Tompkins convinces prison guard Eddie Vaughn, with whom she's having an affair, to sneak in a sexy teacher outfit for her to wear for him. He leads her into a storage room for their supposed romp; once she changes into her outfit, she whips out a cell phone that shows a just-taken picture of his son. Tompkins blackmails Vaughn into helping her escape from prison by threatening his son's life. Vaughn escorts her out of jail in her teacher get-up, where a scared straight program consisting of "juvies" and administrators are loading onto a bus to leave. Lilah makes Vaughn distract the guards while she boards the bus. When an administrator recognizes that she's an inmate, Tompkins threatens to shank her unless she plays along.

Crime SpreeEdit

While on the lam and desperate for a place to hide out, Lilah cleans out the bank account of go-kart track manager Harold Lucas. She then murders another of her many paramours, Milt Langley, when he refuses to let Lilah and her son Taylor hide out in one of his homes to elude the police. She later tries to kill herself and her son but the Breakout Kings stop her.



  • She is the first female fugitive the Breakout Kings hunted.
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