This is a list of Fictional characters appearing in the A&E Drama series Breakout Kings. Along with the Main
Characters, Breakout Kings includes an array of Protagonists, Antagonists, Supporting Characters and Reccuring Characters.

Main Characters

Character Played By Description/Role First Apperance Status
Charlie DuChamp Laz Alonso U.S Marshall Pilot Deceased
Ray Zancanelli Domenick Lombardozzi U.S Marshall Pilot Alive
Lloyd Lowery Jimmi Simpson Convict Pilot Incarcerated
Shea Daniels Malchom Goodwin Convict Pilot Incarcerated
Erica Reed Serinda Swan Convict Collected Incarcerated
Julianne Simms Brooke Nevin Civilian, Analyst Pilot Alive

Supporting and Reccuring Characters

Character Played By Description/Role First Apperance
Vanessa Tattiawna Jones Sean Daniels' Girlfriend Pilot (Picture)
Teresa Zoe Belkin Ray Zancanelli's Daughter Queen of Hearts
Fritz Gunderson Brock Johnson Former Member of Breakout Kings Pilot


This is a list of all the antagonists characters in the Breakout Kings Universe including Main Antagonists,Supporting Antagonists,Assosciates, and minior antagonists among others.

Character Played By Description/Role First Apperance Status
August Tillman Jason Cerebone Fugitive, Serial Killer Pilot Captured
Xavier Price Jamie Mcshane Fugitive, Serial Killer Collected Captured
Theodore Bagwell Robert Knepper Fugitive, Serial Killer The Bag Man Captured
Joe Ramsey Derek Phillips Fugitive, Innocent Out of the Mouths of Babes Exonorated
Lilah Tompkins Christina Cole Fugitive, Serial Killer Queen of Hearts Captured
Christian Beaumont Zack Ward Fugitive, Terrorist Like Father, Like Son Captured

Mars O'Connell

Rodney Eastman Fugitive, Serial Killer Fun with Chemistry Captured
Starla Roland Scout Taylor Compton Serial Killer, Narcissist Fun with Chemistry Captured
Carl McCann Mathew John Armstrong Fugitive, Armed Robber Steaks Captured
Oliver Day Jonathan Keltz Fugitive, Murderer Steaks Captured
Andrew Brennan Richard Burgi Fugitive, Jewel Thief One for the Money Captured
Virgil Downing Mark Pellegrino Fugitive, Assassin Paid in Full Captured
Bennett Ballester Robin Willcock Fugitive, Serial Killer Off the Beaten Path Deceased
Ronald Barnes Jeff Seymour Fugitive, Embezzler There are Rules Captured
Carlos Zepeda Lombardo Boyer Fugitive, Carjacker There are Rules Captured
Chester Rhodes Avery Kidd Fugitive, Gang Member There are Rules Deceased
Tran Jun Jeff Ong Fugitive, Forger There are Rules Deceased
Sandy Clemente Dean Chekevela Fugitive, Trafficker There are Rules Captured
Carmen Vega Lauren Velez Fugitive, Drug Runner Where in the World is Carmen Vega Captured
Cesar Manny Montana Carmen Vega's Younger Son Where in the World is Carmen Vega Captured
Damien Fontleroy Jason Behr Fugitive, Serial Killer An Unjust Death Deceased
Brent Howson Nate Mooney Fugitive, Murderer An Unjust Death Deceased
Victor Mannion Channon Roe Fugitive, Gang Leader Round Two Deceased