Erica Reed

A bounty hunter and expert tracker. She was raised by her father, who himself was a bounty hunter. He was tortured and killed for the capture of a gang member. Erica hunted down and killed five of the six people involved in the murder. Barely 20 at the time, she killed her victims and hid the bodies so flawlessly that she was only convicted of weapons charges. She has a daughter who currently gets raised by her father but she has little to no contact with her. The murder of her father and loss of her daughter cause her great pain and anger.
Lloyd lowery

Lloyd Lowery

A former child prodigy and behaviorist with a bachelor's degree (1993) and M.D. (1997) from Harvard. He provides psychological evaluations of escaped convicts, which allow him to predict movements. Lloyd also helps Erica and Julianne with their various mental problems. Lloyd also has an addiction to gambling. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for selling illegal prescription drugs to college students to cover his gambling debts, he lost his medical license. He deeply regrets the fact that an 18-year-old girl overdosed with pills he prescribed while she was suffering from deep depression. He has a school boy crush on Julianne, accidentally mistaking her interest in Ray as interest in him.

Sean "Shea" Daniels

A former gang leader who's criminal enterprises covered most of the United States. His experience and street smarts allow him to provide a working knowledge of how convicts think and move. He came up with the name "Breakout Kings" for the task force. He has a girlfriend, named Vanessa. Shea also used to do business with the notorious cartel leader, Carmen Vega, before she made a sexual advance on him, leading to their falling out.


Ray zancanelli

Ray Zancanelli

The US Marshal who lost his job after stealing money from a crime scene to buy his daughter a used car. The information was originally kept a secret from the convicts until Shea overheard Charlie discussing it with Ray. He relates to the convicts better than Charlie, because he is one of them. Ray is currently living in a half-way house. He is allowed to carry a weapon while on the job and is the only con allowed to do so. He came up with the idea of the task force. After Charlie's death, Ray is reinstated to a full US Marshal.
Normal 002

Charlie DuChamp

The former leader of the Breakout Kings. Charlie was killed in the Season 2 premiere by escaped serial rapist/murderer Damien Fontleroy. He was shot in the chest while taking down Damian's partner, Brett, and was found injured by Lloyd, who tried to save him but was unsuccessful. He was originally assigned to the Criminal Program Analysis Unit because of a heart problem, but convinced his superiors to allow him back in the field


Julianne simms

Julianne "Jules" Simms

A former student at the FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) She was first in her class until she was expelled for various psychological disorders which include social anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. Julianne is the analyst, researcher and resource officer of the Breakout Kings. She and Ray have a close relationship, as he was there for her when she was expelled. He brought her on to the task force. In season one, Julianne expresses her romantic feelings towards Ray by confessing them to Lloyd. He misunderstands what she is saying and tells her to make a move thinking she is interested in him. She kisses Ray on the cheek, but he brushes her off.
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