Marlon O'Connell

Played by:

Rodney Eastman




Petty Larceny



Incarcerated in:

Wallkill Correctional Facility

Marlon O'Connell better known as Mars is a convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings

Character HistoryEdit

O'Connell was originally a minor criminal serving a one-year bid for trespassing and petty larceny. It wasn't until he met Starla Roland that he got a taste for killing.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

When his mother shows up to visit him in prison at his request, Mars O'Connell holds a shank to her throat and demands the guards open the gates and let him go free. When they don't he apologizes to his mother and then flicks the shank across his mother's throat, leaving her for dead. Instantly he spins around and grabs the person next to him, a woman named Starla. He demands that the officers open the gates again, otherwise there will be two deaths on their hands. They acquiesce and Mars escapes with Starla in her vehicle.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once on the outside, Mars and Starla walk into a restaurant inside and start shooting. They kill a woman and steal some supply and leave, the Breakout kings find her husband in the back room.

Later Mars and Starla murder a police officer who caught them fooling around in the back of their car, and take a suburban family hostage in their own home.


While the Breakout kings believe it is Marlon in charge of the escape, it is really Starla who is in charge, pressing Marlon to do her dirty work.


  • Marlon "Mars" O'Connell has the smallest sentence out of every fugitive to escape on the show.
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