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Domenick Lombardozzi

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Ray Zancanelli is a disgraced former U.S. Marshall (later reinstated), convict and the founder of the group, the Breakout Kings, whose job is to capture fugitives on the run.

Early LifeEdit

He was a disgraced former U.S. Marshall with an ex-wife and daughter. When his daughter's step-dad offered her a car for her birthday because he knew Ray couldn't pay for it, Ray took a chance with an overturned van of money and picked up $8250 to pay for his daughter's car, but after his bosses found out he was forced to live in a halfway house and his only shot back to his former glory was with his new team the Breakout Kings.

Season 1Edit

Ray is first seen at the US Marshals Director's office, Along with Charlie DuChamp He is shown the crime scene photos of August Tillmans Victims Director Knox informs Ray that he's going to be working with and reporting to the recently transferred Charlie on the case. Knox then tells Ray that he has agreed to try out his "unorthodox proposal" to use Cons to catch Cons. He Then hands him a folder. Ray flips through the photos in the folder and slides four to Knox. He tells Knox to get him those four and Jules and he'll catch Tillman. Knox agrees.

Season 2Edit

Ray is devastated when Charlie is murdered, but he his reinstated as a full marshal. Later, his daughter is kidnapped by Damien, Charlie's killer and Ray hunts him down. The team finally catches him and after forcing him to tell them where Teresa is, Ray throws him off a roof to his death when he taunts him about Charlie's death. Ray returns Charlie's shield to his widow, but the Chief Director approaches the rest of the team with an offer of complete freedom if they turn on Ray for Damien's murder.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

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