Sean "Shea" Daniels
Sean shea daniels

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Malcolm Goodwin

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Vanessa (Girlfriend)

Sean "Shea" Daniels (born: October 17, 1979) is one of the four initial convicts and former fugitives chosen by former U.S. Marshall Ray Zancanelli to help catch other fugitives, using their expertise as criminals to do so. Sean is the first person to refer to their task force as the Breakout Kings.


Early life

Sean "Shea" Daniels was born in October 17th, 1979[1]. When he was 17 years old he formed a criminal organization in Washington Heights,New York. And when he was 20 years old he expanded his illegal activities throughout the Eastern Coast of America, including New Jersey,Pennsylvania and Connecticut. And Eventually he had invested and set up Rackets throughout America.[2]. However Shea was eventually Captured,Prosecuted and jailed in the Famous Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

Season 1

Shea was eventually asked to aid Charlie Duchamp and Ray Zancanelli in capturing escaped convicts, along with Lloyd Lowery and Erica Reed. Despite having a rather great life in prison (via connections and money), he distinctively accepted their proposal. At the first phrase of the Breakout Kings existence he followed with a rather great distinction, although he was under pressure (by his girlfriend mainly) to take advantage of his possibility to escape. During the 13th Episode Where in the World is Carmen Vega The Breakout Kings next wanted fugitive, Carmen Vega, is revealed to Be a former business associate of Shea. According to Shea she's the meanest, most vicious person he has ever met and that one night, after she tried hitting on Shea and he wasn't interested, their business relationship ended. He also said that knows a lot of the people close to her and will have to keep a low profile. Later on he shockingly finds out that she is holding his girlfriend Vanessa Hostage. Shea is then informed that Vega knows he is working with the Marshalls and if he helps catch her she will retaliate by killing Vanessa. Later on The team captures Ceasar (Vega's son) and find out where Vanessa is located via interrogating him, and after Cesar finds out his mother disowns him, he leads Charlie to Vanessa's location in which the team successfully rescues Vanessa.

Breaking out

Out of all of the criminals, Shea has shown the most times contemplating on ways of escaping. In episode 9, while talking to his girlfriend, he tells her he cannot wait and that he'll be getting out soon, and gives her a diamond he stole. This hints that Shea is planning on escaping.


  • Shea suffers from Coulrophobia, a fear of clowns.

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