The Fox River Eight
Fox River Eight,


Michael Scofield

The Fox River Eight was a group from which T-Bag was a part off years ago.


Theodore Bagwell was six years prior to "The Bag Man" a member of the Fox River Eight. He escaped along with seven other inmates from Fox River State Penitentiary (and later Sona), but was captured some time later.


  • Michael Scofield - Captured
  • Lincoln Burrows - Free
  • John Abruzzi - Dead
  • Fernando Sucre - Dead
  • Theodore Bagwell (T-Bag) - Free/ Working for the government
  • David Apolskis (Tweener) - Dead
  • Charles Patoshik (Haywire) - Dead
  • Benjamin Miles Franklin (C-Note) - Free



  • When Ray Zancanelli said that T-Bag was years ago a part of the Fox River Eight, it's possible a reference to the fact that Prison Break was years ago.
  • Although he wasn't really a member anyone, since everyone has been released from their crimes, T-Bag was still a member for 1 episode.

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