Tran Jun

Played by:

Jeff Ong



First appearance:


Last appearance:

There are Rules


Bringing Russian mobs to Coney Island
Escaping from prison

Incarcerated in:

Attica Correctional Facility

Cause of death:

Accidentally killed by a bus after he saw Ray, Charlie, Erica and Lloyd

Tran Jun is a convicted forger and fugitive who is portrayed by Jeff Ong.

Crime DetailEdit

Tran Jun is a known forger who managed to get half the Russian Mob into Coney Island using his fake passports.

Fugitive EscapeEdit

Jun teams up with Ronald Barnes in his escape plan along with Chester Rhodes, Sandy Clemente, and Carlos Zepeda. They rig an 18-wheeler to crash through the brick wall of the prison and the chaos sends prisoners and guards flying. As the driver distracts the guards with gunfire, Jun boards the back of the truck along with the other convicts. They grab a guard as a hostage, then climb into an SUV in the back of the truck and drive out through the giant hole in the wall. Later, the guard is murdered by Barnes.


Once out of jail, Tran's job was to create the passports for the rest of the escaped con's. When he role was discovered and Tran himself located, the team attempted to grab him. Before they could, Tran saw them and ran into the street, and was accidentally hit by a bus and killed.


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