This Wiki has a lot that needs to change. First of all, all the words are yellow and it's not easy for everyone to read, so this has to change.

The second thing is, we copy everything, and "The Breakout Kings Wiki calls it: all the deatiled info from the 13 episodes". This is copied, thus not written by you, except for the trivia facts.

The third thing is, it's not even sourced where everything is coming from. Look at the trivia from Bennett Ballester. The first thing that I've put here, hasn't been verified, because the audience saw in it on TV. But the second thing isn't sourced.

The fourth thing is: some pages are protected without any reason. It's also not smaert to notice, to protect a page, without knowing that "someone comes". Well nobody, has been coming to this wiki thus far. Only us 3. Thus my meaning is, semi-protect the articles, so that I can expand.

Well, that's it for now. If this blog will deleted without any reason, then I'm not helping anymore of I will do something different (no threat).

Cheers, --Station7 16:41, October 16, 2011 (UTC)