Virgil Downing

Played by:

Mark Pellegrino







Virgil Downingis a convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Virgil Downing was known to have committed over three dozen contract killings, with his victims including a judge, a housewife, and a dog, among others. He wasn't convicted of any of these murders until he killed a police commissioner, and as he was fleeing the scene, his appendix burst. He was found unconscious with the murder weapon still on him.

Imprisonment and Escape Edit

Virgil slips a rolled-up magazine up his sleeve and when a guard puts handcuffs on him, he is able to create enough slack to slip one hand out of the cuffs. He chokes the guard into unconsciousness, removes his cuffs, steals the guard's vest and pepper spray, and locks him in his cell. He hangs on a suspended steam pipe until another guard passes, then drops and catches the door before it closes. When he runs into an inmate mopping the floor, he snaps the mop in half and uses the handle to kill the man. When another guard comes running, he sprays him with pepper spray and runs. With help from guard Cliff Krauss, he escapes through A block while security has been diverted to D block. He uses the vest to protect himself from the barbed wire, hurtles himself over the fence, and gets out.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once on the run, he pursues the mission he has been hired for: avenging the rape of Genevieve Krauss. He murders a young finance executive, a Nigerian student (due to a case of mistaken identity), two bartenders, and a man in the midst of getting a tattoo.



  • Out of all the fugitives, he killed the most people. He killed more then 3000 people before the show and 7 people in the episode in which he appeared.
  • Virgil along with T-Bag killed the most people during an episode. They both killed 7 people during the episode, in which they appeared.
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