Xavier Price

Played by:

Jamie McShane


Murder x 1

Hair Color:






Incarcerated in:

Clayton Penitentiary

Xavier Price is a convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings. He is played by Jamie McShane.

Character HistoryEdit

Price was convicted of reckless homicide, Price claims he picked up a teen female runaway and was transporting her to a shelter when she robbed him at knifepoint. A struggle ensued resulting in the girl's murder.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Using paper clips and toilet paper shoved into an electrical outlet, Price starts a fire in his cell during a voltage check for another prisoner being executed. Price burns himself purposefully and after being taken to the infirmary he chokes the doctor tending to his injury and shoots him with Morphine as to avoid being ratted out. He disappears into the an open vent in the office and crawls through the prison passageways to a metal grate outside. Once on the street he tries to blend in with the protest by carrying a stolen bed sheet with a protester's slogan on it, until a woman sees him and suggests the hang it on her van. When she sees his prison uniform behind the sheet, Price throws her to the ground, then beats her and chokes her to death. He then uses her van to escape.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once on the run, Price locates his one of his kidnapping victims from before he went to prison, digs her grave, and kills her. It is discovered that he has been kidnapping and imprisoning and torturing women for months. Price also hits a hardware store owner in the head with a hammer, and chokes a prostitute on the street after she spits on him, but both survive.


Price is later put into solitary confinment for life. 


He is a serial murderer/kidnapper.

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